Investing in Gold

Why Investing in Gold is a good idea

Why investing in gold will secure your future

It’s been said before that laughter makes the world go around. Well nobody is laughing anymore so we moved on to saying that money makes the world go around, more like funny money. Why is Investing in gold a good idea? First of all the american dollar has absolutely no value to it hardly at all. It is gold that has given value to our dollar.

With the devaluing of money it is no laughing matter anymore, especially in a world that is headed towards a global debt meltdown. This economic global meltdown is also known as a global debt bubble. Apparently it is debt that makes the world go around in this day and age.

How big will this bubble grow before busting? The national debt of the U.S. is currently standing at $20 trillion while the total debt of the entire world is at $223.3 trillion. Is there anything with any kind of value left in this world anymore? Well sure there is, and one of those things is gold.

Gold has endured the ups and downs of the U.S as well as the global economy. It’s one of the only hard and real assets that has withstood the hour glass of time. Why is that exactly? To begin to understand this we must first understand the origin of money. We should ask ourselves where does money come from, how is it created and how would investing in gold secure my future?

Where does all this money come from?

The first thought that may be entertained is that money comes from our government. If you’re living in the United States then it would be natural to think that. The fact of the matter is that money actually comes from the Federal Reserve.

The logical question then would be to ask where does the Federal Reserve come from and what exactly is it? You may be shocked to learn this, but the Federal Reserve is in fact not part of the United States government at all! What?! Yes you heard that right, the Federal Reserve is actually just a “corporation” that creates a product, and can you guess what that product is?

That’s right, you guessed right, “money” is the “product” that the corporation The Federal Reserve creates. Paper money can easily be printed up with ease with just a push of a button. It’s as easy as pushing the ‘print’ button on your printer at home to print up a paper. The Federal Reserve pushes this button almost everyday and then distributes this money to all the banks in the U.S. Yes, the federal reserve makes push button money with the utmost amount of ease!

Real happiness is Bartering with no money!

Back in the day when laughter really did make the world go around and everything was much simpler what did we do for money? We dealt directly with what was immediately around us. For instance one was good at creating fiddles while another was good at growing peaches. Then those were the markets of those days, it was just as simple as that.

The fiddle manufacturer would grow hungry from all those fiddles he was creating. This in turn would create the need of something to eat and so then he would approach the peach grower. He would ask the peach grower if he was interested in a fiddle for a few peaches. If he was interested, then a deal was struck and an even trade would ensue.

Was there money involved in this transaction? No! The items of value were the fiddle and the peach, these would take place of the money. As long as everybody got what they needed then everybody was happy. The days of happiness are gone, because the majority of people have placed too much emphasis on money.

The Federal Reserve is a corporation

Way back in those days there was gold around as well. Sometimes this gold would be traded for other items of value as well. One day a group of people got together and thought it would be a wonderful idea to print up some paper money. People would come in and exchange their gold for this ‘paper money’. At the same time they would charge a small interest fee for holding their gold. Hence the Federal Reserve was born.

It’s been like that ever since and so it is gold that gives our money value. There is so much money in circulation that there isn’t enough gold to back it all up. This is one of the reasons why investing in gold has endured through out time. The Federal Reserve is where most all of our money comes from. Not to mention this is also where all our money problems stem from as well.

The Federal Reserve is a scam

It is because of the Federal Reserve system that there are so many financial problems in the world today. Under this type of financial system the U.S. government will have to borrow larger and larger amounts of money. The U.S. isn’t the only government that has allowed itself to be subjugated under this type of system. This is how it works in the vast majority of the countries in the world.

Money is only as valuable as whatever is backing it up. In this case gold is what’s supposed to be backing our money up, but it’s not. A lot of people think that money is printed up by our government. The truth is that there is almost nothing backing our money up. Our money has absolutely no value to it hardly at all. Our money isn’t even worth the paper it’s printed on. It’s the biggest sham of a scam in the history of all of mankind on the earth.

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to take money out of the bank anymore? Especially very large amounts of money. They want everything short of a urine and blood test from you. Oh, but they don’t ask you any questions when it comes time to deposit your money into their bank. Now do they? It’s time to wake up America to the reality that is going on around you. Is your money really safe? Investing in gold is truly and clearly the method of choice when deciding where to place your value at.

How safe is your money?

So why doesn’t the U.S. government just create it’s own money for their own people? Why does it have to rely on this corrupt and greedy system called the Federal Reserve? This is a very good question to ask. The old saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer remains truer today than it ever has.

When the U.S. government decides that it wants a billion dollars it doesn’t print it up. Instead the U.S. government creates essentially an IOU and then takes these IOU’s over to the Federal Reserve. These IOU’s are basically U.S. Treasury bonds. The Treasury bonds are, you guessed it, written articles of debt.

The Federal Reserve then takes these Treasury bonds in exchange for creating a billion dollars. Billions of dollars are printed up out of thin air by them. Later the Federal Reserve then auctions off these U.S. Treasury bonds in exchange for the billions it has created out of thin air.

Escape the perpetual slavery of debt by investing in gold

How will the U.S. government pay for all this debt? The amount of debt incurred on these Treasury bonds far outweighs the money that was created by the transaction. The idea is for the U.S. government to circulate this money throughout the economy and tax it. If the money is taxed at a high enough rate then the debt could be payed back.

Does this ever happen? No it sure doesn’t. It is this system of never ending debt that keeps the national debt right where it’s at. It is a hopeless downward spiral to keep the government right where they want it. In this way they know that the U.S. government would never be able to keep up with the debt. It is this very system that will keep the government enslaved by borrowing more and more money.

The creators of the Federal Reserve understood well ahead of it’s time (almost ingenious) how to make it’s money. It knew full well that the U.S. government wouldn’t be able to pay back this debt. Thus the perpetual motion machine of debt was created. Throughout the centuries these wealthy elites found that lending to national governments was a very lucrative business indeed.

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